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ENplus wood pellets



Technical features of ENplus A1 wood pellets:

They have a diameter of about 5mm-9mm.
Their length is about 5 times their diameter, about 3.15 mm -40mm.
Their ash content is less than 0.7%.
They have a moisture content of less than 10%.
Their heat of combustion is more than 18 MJ/kg.
The abrasion or the dust content in these high-quality pellets are less than 1%.
Their hardness is more than 98%.
They have a bulk density of more than 600-750 kg/m3.
Their ash deformation temperature of more than 1200°C.
The nitrogen content is less than 3%.
The sulfur content is less than 0.04%.
The chlorine content is less than 0.02%.
The arsenic is less than 1 mg/kg 3
The Cadmium is less than 0.5mg/kg 3.
Chromium, copper, nickel and lead each is less than 10mg/kg3.
Mercury is less than 0.1mg/kg3.
Zinc is less than 100 mg/kg3.

Why should you always opt for ENplus wood pellets?

1.Better performance:
You can be sure about getting the best performance of the products that come with an ENplus logo because they are of a higher standard.Buy ENplus wood pellet online

2.Reduction of maintenance cost:

The ENplus wood pellets have a high calorific value of about 4.6kWhr/kg. low moisture content and also low ash content because of which they ensure clean burning and reduce the maintenance cost significantly.ENplus wood pellet factory

3.Best quality throughout the supply chain:

It is not that the ENplus certified wood pellets have a  superior quality, but the standards are applicable to the whole supply chain, which starts right from the production till they arrive at the pellet store. Thus, the best quality pellet at every stage. They are aligned to the ISO 9001 by following a strong complaint and traceability process. There is the use of ENplus accredited delivery fleet which is fully equipped with ‘on-board’ weighing systems that are calibrated and legalized for trading.

Packaging and delivery of ENplus wood pellets:

The products which are imported have a high durability limit than the general ENplus A1 spec. In order to reduce the fines in the delivered packages, we try to ensure a gentle delivery of the hardest and cleanest pellets.

The pellets are transported in bulk through specialized vehicles in order to decrease the environmental impact and the carbon footprint. Before delivering the wood pellets into the ENplus delivery vehicles, they are screened to reduce the fines content. The deliveries are grouped in the local are to decrease the fuel emissions.

Where to buy ENplus wood pellets in bulk?

Our company supplies ENplus certified wood pellets worldwide. So, you can rely on our product quality. We ship the products through our trusted courier partners. They take utmost care to make sure that the products reach you safely. We always make sure that the products are in stock in our warehouses, so that they can be shipped quickly whenever we receive the orders. This helps in the faster delivery of the products to the end customers.

Why choose ENplus wood pellet factory ?

Purchasing the right quality of pellets is quite important because the lowquality pellets do not serve their purpose and also create pollution. The ENplus pellets are high standard pellets which are produced after undergoing a lot of quality checks. This ensures that the product which reaches you is worth every penny you have spent on it.

Not only this, we supply the product at a wholesale rate to our customers, because we get the orders in bulk directly from the manufacturers. Thus choosing us will help you crack a deal in a price that is lesser than most other suppliers in the market.Buy ENplus wood pellet online


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